About Kitty is not a cat


Kitty is not a cat is a series about a young girl who is out to prove you can be anything you want... Even a cat!

The series centers on a group of stray cats living together in a dilapidated old mansion left to them by an eccentric baroness. With the cats in charge the manor is a constant almighty party! Life couldn’t be better for these cats, who it seems have truly landed on their feet.

However, the party comes to an abrupt halt with a knock at the door. There on the doorstep they find ‘Kitty’ – a little girl in an orange cat suit who followed one of them home. Yikes! Where did she come from? Who are her owners? It’s anyone’s guess - the cats’ questions remain unanswered as Kitty only purrs, meows and if provoked, hisses. The cats try in vain to find out how they can re-home Kitty – posters, ads in the paper, but to no avail. The cats soon find that looking after a little girl who wants to be a cat, seriously cramps their style. That said even the stubborn cats have to admit that she really is extremely cute…

In the style of Monsters Inc., Three Men & a Baby and with a little Top Cat thrown in, so begins a concerted effort by the cat crew to teach Kitty how to behave like a human and to slowly introduce her back into the wild, but with each passing day Kitty becomes more a part of the family. This group of carefree individuals suddenly find themselves embracing the parenting role with hilarious results but it seems they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Season 1 available as:

52 x 11min or 26 x 22min and 52 x 12min or 26 x 24min

With a range of digital content also included.

2019 Update:

Kitty’s here to stay! The whole cat crew continue their mad cap adventures while trying to convince Kitty to behave like a human in series two - currently in production.